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Inspiring Stories // Daniel Belamonte

Daniel is a recipient living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and thanks to his Cochlear Implant he has been able to rediscover his passion for music.

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Our Approach

Cochlear, the global market leader in implantable hearing solutions, engaged Symmetry to create shareable social videos that would capture the emotional lifestyle transformations made possible by their devices.

After an in-depth needs analysis, Symmetry proposed the ‘Inspiring Stories’ campaign; a suite of over twenty short documentaries that portray the real-life experiences of Cochlear Implant recipients around the world.

Spanning ten countries on six continents, the Symmetry team embraced the challenge of this global project and sent two Australian production units to capture these amazing stories.


The Inspiring Stories campaign won ‘Best Online Campaign’ at the 37th Annual Telly Awards (USA).

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