We believe in the power of storytelling

to create meaningful connections

with patients and professionals, and

we know just how to do it.

Our recipe is simple

At Symmetry, we combine creativity and passion with deep expertise and logistical know-how to deliver a unique blend of cinematic storytelling with eloquent, targeted messaging.


Our mission is to help our health industry clients connect with their audience in a meaningful way; be it reputation-building with medical professionals, key opinion leaders and government, educating patients and customers, or transforming your employees into a cohesive, motivated team with a strong collective mission.


We’ve worked with Fortune-50 medical companies throughout Australia, Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America across a vast range of internal and external communication briefs. We specialise in helping employees and C-suite executives deliver confidently on camera, creating content that feels positive, honest and authentic.


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Q: Why choose Symmetry Media?
A: We’ve worked with SMEs and Fortune-500 companies at home in Sydney, Australia and around the world to develop bespoke commercials, social video, corporate films and employee engagement content. Whether you’re looking for a TVC, animation, social content or an internal video, we’ve got you covered.


Q: How has COVID-19 changed the way you approach video production and content creation?
A: 2020 evolved the status quo. For video production and content creation, home isolation and social distancing have had two main effects; firstly, post-production-led projects have become more common (e.g. animation or user-generated content), and secondly, the way we approach live-action shooting has transformed.

We adopt social distancing policies on-set, employ a COVID officer on larger productions and limit the amount of talent/crew on the day. We stay up-to-date with the latest health advice, ensuring we’re a safe and compliant provider.


Q: What is your methodology when working with C-Suite executives for internal videos?
A: At Symmetry, we specialise in helping executives feel confident on-camera – this is vital when it comes to creating corporate content that feels authentic and natural; particularly for employee engagement, PR or change management.


Q: Do you make animations as well as live-action videos?
A: We do! Whether you need an explainer animation, training video or a ‘how to’, we’ll work with you to develop the messaging and create a bespoke animation with a visual style that best suits your brand, campaign and communication objectives.


Q: What if I’m not based in Australia?
A: No problem. We have a network of international partners who assist with the capture and creation of content in other continents under our creative direction. We’re used to bringing large multinational projects together, having filmed in 30+ countries in many languages.


Q: What budgets do you work with?
A: We work with a variety of budgets both large and small, depending on a client’s desired business outcomes. We can scale any video production or animation project to meet (and exceed) your goals.


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