Meet the team that creates the magic

Dean Ginsburg

Founder & Director

Having worked on global campaigns for Fortune 500’s around the world, Dean brings a strong creative vision to every project.

Katrina Olsen

Snr Producer

A producing powerhouse, Katrina proactively engages all stakeholders. She’s calm under pressure and supremely flexible. She’s the sharpest tool in the shed.

Osher Fielder


An expert communicator, Osher is master at unlocking the creative potential of every project by understanding client needs and developing tailored solutions.

Rebecca Matthes

Studio Manager

Involved in day-to-day management, Rebecca makes sure that all resources are in place to ensure a smooth delivery of client projects.

Joel Håkanlind

Director & Editor

Hailing from Sweden, Joel directs, shoots and is a master-editor, finding those hidden gems; moments of deeper truth within a larger story.

Karen Luk

Designer & Animator

Known for her lush design and stunning visuals, Karen brings a vibrant energy to her animation and design work.


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