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Cochlear UGC Video

To help raise awareness about the scale of paediatric hearing loss around the world, we partnered with Cochlear to create a UGC video for International Cochlear Implant Day.

This heart-warming video features children all around the world, reflecting on what they want to be when they grow up.

User-generated content (UGC) is usually a great way to overcome large distances, but given the times it's the best way to gather content safely and effectively. 

With a Symmetry-developed filming brief, leaders, employees or customers can film themselves in a PTC (piece to camera) using their smartphone – we'd then cut the material together with a beautiful and bespoke graphics package to link it all together.

This production methodology allows for the creation of a vast array of deliverables // 


  • Build goodwill – leaders sharing a thank you message to staff, or an update message to customers / external stakeholders

  • Boost morale – employees sharing success stories or positive customer feedback with the wider team

  • Maximise productivity – employees sharing their #1 work-from-home tip

During this challenging period, working from home shouldn't have to mean working in isolation. 

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